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Pack Animal Fitness St. Petersburg, Florida

Gym and fitness: Abs workout, Workout, Weight, Lifetime fitness, Personal trainer, Cardio, Exercise bike Personal training: Fitness levels, Athletic performance, Physical appearance, Inclusivity, Personalized experience Cold plunge: Cold water therapy, Ice bath, Active recovery, Workout recovery, Hypertrophy, Muscle soreness, Inflammation, Circulation

Major Benefits of
Cold Plunge

 Decrease Inflammation
Boost Your Immune System
Increase Circulation
Boost Your Mood
Speed Up Your Metabolism
Enhance Muscle Recovery
Regulate Hormones
Reduce Stress
Improve Sleep

$75 Per Month for Unlimited Cold Plunge

$15 Per Plunge (Gym Members)
$20 Per Plunge (Non-Gym Members)


Major Benefits of
Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna is now available at
Pack Animal Fitness in St. Petersburg, Florida.

All monthly memberships now come with access to the infrared sauna.

Promotes Weight Loss
Relaxes Muscles
Improves Cardiovascular Health
Promotes Pain Relief
Improves Skin Health
Boosts The Immune System

Aids Against Depression & Anxiety
Flushes Out Toxins


Major Benefits of
Compression Iegging Use

Flushing of lymphatic fluids and lactic acids, helping remove toxins from your muscles.

Reduced Inflammation.

Improve Water Accumulation.

Accelerated Recovery Rehabilitation

Recovery Room has Compression Leggings Available for use to its Gym Members.
Non-Members additional Fee will apply.

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